IT Monitoring & Systems Management

Flexible and reliable IT monitoring and system management for mission-critical systems is necessary in order to mitigate risk and keep your business operating smoothly. At CANI, we work closely with you to understand the nuances of your business processes and tailor a solution based on technology, applications, and business objectives. With a goal of creating a proactive environment, CANI customers benefit from each customer engagement.

Optimization of architecture, managed solutions, and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) models work for our customers’ unique environments.

As the workplace continues to move more and more toward a distributed computing environment, the need increases for personalization and flexibility, while corporate IT seeks to control access, standardize processes, and ensure compliance. CANI’s Desktop Management Services provide end-to-end management, enabling a secure, stable work environment that operates efficiently and cost-effectively. We also help organizations manage IT assets – driving down IT costs by optimizing hardware and software assets

Benefits of CANI IT Monitoring and Systems Management
We achieve value for our customers through the following:

  • Proactive IT monitoring to help with capacity planning and identification of potential problems
  • Increasing a system’s elasticity and flexibility through architecture and system optimization
  • Reporting services that prohibit over-provisioning of licenses and potential related fees
  • Identifying security “holes” in the environment
  • Evaluating the impact of potentially moving to a hosted data center
  • Assessing the need to implement virtualization
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